And the Awards Go To…

At Pentaflex, the most rewarding recognition for us is when our customers are consistently happy with the work we do for them. However, when an organization as prestigious in our industry as the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) officially recognizes our work, and rewards us for it, we are beyond proud and honored. Therefore, we’re thrilled to announce our receipt of two of the eight coveted 2013 Manufacturing Excellence awards by PMA.AwardsExc-web

The first of the two awards is the Zierick Manufacturing Corporation Productivity Award, for our production of a stamped outer inlet chamber for Class 8 heavy truck exhaust systems. Using a stamping cell concept, this reduced cycle time by 50% and reduced the number of production employees from six to two. The award itself “recognizes outstanding achievement by a metalforming company in the development and implementation of programs, processes and utilization of assets that lead to significant improvements in productivity. Productivity is defined, for the purposes of this award, as the quantity of good products produced per unit of manpower, equipment, time and/or material. Quality and reduction of downtime are considered important factors in achieving improved productivity.”

The second award is the Waukesha Metal Products Excellence in Quality award, for our performance of the Quality System, which reduced PPMs from 250 in 2011, to 7PPM in 2013. This award “recognizes a metalforming company for outstanding achievement in the development and implementation of a company-wide quality system that effectively uses continuous improvement..” Elements include “executive management commitment, periodic management quality system review, use of statistical data, use of preventive action, a dedication to employee training and education, supplier partnerships in an effort to reduce nonconformance and evidence of second- or third-party assessments.”

As PMA is the premier association representing the $113 billion metalforming industry, we are thrilled to accept these great honors, and look forward to continuing to bring the highest level of quality to all of our clients.