Manufacturing Day 2013: A Great Success!

As many people might be aware, October 4, 2013 marked the 2nd Annual Manufacturing Day. It was a special day set aside to not only celebrate the importance and value of this great industry, but to further awareness of it.

American manufacturing is facing a skilled labor shortage—predicted to get worse—and manufacturingday6this industry is too vital to succumb to that. Manufacturing Day aimed to showcase the value of careers in manufacturing by encouraging companies to open their doors to students, teachers, and their communities. As a result, much of the mystery was taken out of the industry, and young people saw that careers in manufacturing are exciting, valuable, and important. Over 800 American manufacturers took part in the day, and it was a great success.

Personally, we found the day to be extremely rewarding. We participated in the NAM Manufacturing Day event to educate local Springfield politicians and educators about the value of a career in manufacturing, and to broaden their understanding of the industry.  Local Clark County commissioners and superintendents, principals, and guidance counselors were invited to the event as well.

Dave Arndt, our President, made a video presentation detailing advances in manufacturing from 1900 to today. The video concentrated on the automotive industry, tracing advances in stamping and assembly technology from Henry Ford’s original assembly line, to stamping presses throughout the decades, to servo press technology and modern assembly plant technology today.

The group then toured the Pentaflex, Inc. plant with Dave Arndt and Ross McGregor, where advances in stamping technology have allowed us to win two manufacturing excellence awards from the Precision Metalforming Association for productivity and quality in 2013, which were highlighted.  The group was also shown next generation welding/automation equipment currently being installed for a new 2015 program.

We think it’s fair to say that Manufacturing Day was an invaluable experience for us and for the participating educators and politicians. We’re looking forward to next year’s event!