American Manufacturing: Why and How to Keep it Moving Forward

From consistent stories of manufacturers taking part in reshoring, to solid data showcasing the growth of the industry, American manufacturing is now in the midst of optimistic times. In fact, according to this recent article, “Manufacturing activity in the U.S. expanded at the fastest pace in 2½ years last month…[which was] the fifth straight gain for the index.”

However, this doesn’t mean we can let down our guards and assume it will just continue. manufacturingday9We all need to remain proactive and continue this forward motion. We need to remember that by supporting American manufacturing and buying American-made products, we directly impact our economy and our workforce. Simply put, the more U.S. products consumers purchase, the more American jobs are saved and created.

What can we as individuals do? One easy but significant thing is to take part in American Made Matters® Day, on November 19. This is a day being organized by American Made Matters® whose purpose is to encourage “consumers to buy at least one American-made product to show their support for American manufacturing…[and to] kick-off a movement encouraging Americans to buy products made in America throughout the upcoming holiday shopping season.”

If every American takes part in this, the positive effects on manufacturing and our economy could be widespread and truly great. At Pentaflex Inc., we believe in the cause and in this great industry, and know firsthand the value and importance of this country’s manufacturing sector. We have been a “Made in the USA” supplier for over 40 years, located in Springfield, Ohio.

As a stamper of heavy metal deep drawn stampings, we recognize the importance of manufacturing in America, in order to support American industry for many distinct advantages. The majority of our products are built into the axles, brakes, suspensions, and exhaust systems of American-built class 8 trucks. We also export our products for building in the global facilities of American truck manufacturers manufacturing products for their local market. The local nature of our stampings for North American truck manufacturers is important toward controlling costs based on material, logistics, and technology advantages.

As a proud American manufacturer, we support and rely upon utilizing domestic products, and we encourage everyone to take part in the mission.


Great Employees=Great Business

In any business, in any industry, you’re only as good as the people you employ. Likewise, a company filled with happy, productive employees for whom growth and success are assured is more likely to grow and succeed.

In an Forbes  article on the importance of retaining employees, the author states that “the value derived from new talent is only realized if the talent can be retained long enough to tap its treasures.” She goes on to state that companies that focus more on acquiring new talent than on keeping their existing employees fulfilled share the same problems: “high turnover, low commitment, and job-hopping”, which is ultimately a problem.

At Pentaflex, we recognize the importance of our team members, as well as the many reasons why we want them to stick around. We also realize how important employee morale is for the entirety of our business, and for our customers. We focus on keeping an environment of happy employees who care about what they do, and we believe our clients directly see the results of this.

We have several dedicated employees who have recently been promoted, as a result of their hard work and dedication.

Kirk Smith has been promoted from his position as Quality Director to Director of Manufacturing.  In his new role, Kirk will be responsible for all production activities, from receiving and shipping material through scheduling and product manufacturing.  Kirk will be instrumental in driving our metrics for continuous improvement and problem solving using the 6 Sigma and Lean disciplines.

Phil Dafforn has been promoted from Purchasing Manager to Materials Manager, adding responsibility for production parts planning as well as purchasing.

In other moves, Kiley Hatfield has moved into customer service, while Eric Hubbard has moved to shipping and receiving.

We’d like to personally thank them—and all members of the Pentaflex team—for their dedication, and congratulate them on their new roles.