Pentaflex Launches a New Website

Pentaflex Launches a New Website

In over 40 years in business, Pentaflex has continually grown and has always embraced changes that help us maintain leadership in the metal stamping industry. Our most recent change, a newly redesigned website, highlights our outstanding capabilities and services in an easy to navigate format.

As a specialist in metal stampings for a wide range of industries, we have set up the new website to highlight our innovative capabilities and offer real-world examples of our work. These sections make it simple to see precise components that we have fabricated for specific industries. It’s our goal to make the fabricating process as easy as it can be for each customer and believe this new site, with more user-friendly features, will improve each customer’s experience with Pentaflex.

What will you find on our new website? We have expanded the information on services we provide which include:

Within each category we detail and explain what the service is, how we get it done, and how it is utilized for the best possible manufacturing outcome. As a look inside the workings of all of us here at Pentaflex, this new website reflects the expertise, skill, and reliability we consistently deliver to each and every customer.

Although the look of the site has changed, the people behind the site are still the same dedicated professionals you have depended on in the past. This new format showcases our abilities to produce the top-quality, complex, precision components that Pentaflex is known for throughout the industry.

We hope you will check out the new website and contact us with any questions or comments. As always, we are looking forward to working with you on all your future projects.

Manufacturing Day At Pentaflex

In honor of Manufacturing Day Pentaflex will be hosting Shaefer Middle School and
Springfield-Clark County Career Technology Center for a full tour of our facility. At Pentaflex, we find it our duty to embrace any opportunity that helps us connect today’s youth with modern-day manufacturing. During these tours, we hope to spark interest and answer any questions about what it means to have a career in manufacturing.

The event is schedule for both schools on Friday, October 2nd
, as it’s nationally recognized as Manufacturing Day.

Manufacturing Day is an occasion to boost the public’s awareness about manufacturing as well as promote it as a fulfilling career path for younger individuals. It encourages educational institutions and those within the manufacturing industry to host events that will highlight the importance of manufacturing to the nation’s economy and draw attention to the many rewarding high-skill jobs in manufacturing fields. Pentaflex participates in Manufacturing Day annually and encourages all other manufacturers around the country to do the same.

We find it important to participate and hope other manufacturers do too. The true message of manufacturing needs to be recognized as manufacturing is all about ingenuity, innovation, and teamwork. We know many young people would enjoy working within engineering and manufacturing but often aren’t given the right information about it or how to pursue it. It is up to those of us within the field to promote its advantages and benefits to the youth in the effort to have modern manufacturing advance even further.
If you would like to host an event or learn more about this important day, please visit as they have many helpful tips and information about this initiative.

As always to get the most up to date information and stay connected to Pentaflex follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Pentaflex Supports Ohio’s Local Farms

While Ohio is commonly known as aOhio Farms long-standing hub of industry, we are also blessed to have a thriving agricultural presence. Indeed, manufacturing and agriculture are the two largest industries in the State.


Ohio Farms at PentaflexSo it is no surprisPentaflex Ohioe that we are happy every summer when the farmers markets and farm stands open to provide fresh produce.

Our owner, Julie McGregor, is a big advocate of good food and fresh produce,and she likes to share her passion with the employees at Pentaflex. Every year Julie contracts with a local farm to provide Corn and Tomatoes to all the employees. It is a wonderful gesture and much appreciated. Thanks Julie!

A Big Thank You To Our Pentaflex Interns

manufacturing internsUnfortunately, it is true. All good things must come to an end. It seems like just yesterday that Carissa Myers and Joseph Lacey started with Pentaflex as part of our 2015 summer internship program. We cannot thank them enough for being a part of our team for the summer and the fine job they did as interns.

Pentaflex, in conjunction with the Greater Springfield Career ConnectED was able to provide Carissa and Joseph with an opportunity to experience working in manufacturing.

Three days a week they worked with our Manufacturing Engineer on important programs such as 6s lean strategy, flowcharts during setup activities, time studies and preventive maintenance programs. These are important programs that every manufacturer deals with, but can be very time-consuming.

That is why it was so great to have Carissa and Joseph lend their eyes and ears to gathering data and analyzing it into a useful tool that we can use to improve our processes at Pentaflex. We are very proud of the work they have done and are happy to have provided them with real life experience before heading to their higher education of choice.

Carissa will be heading to Wright State and Joseph will be attending Bowling Green State University this fall. Pentaflex is grateful for their fine work and wish them both much success in their future endeavors.

Pentaflex’s President, David Arndt is Elected Second Vice Chairman for PMA

The Precision Metal Forming Association (PMA) has elected,Dave Arndt  Pentaflex’s very own president, David Arndt into its three year rotational Chairman process.   As a long time member David has seen the work that has made this organization successful and is thrilled to contribute towards its progress.   David looks forward to collaborating with the board and the organization’s members to propel this full-service trade association even further.

PMA ASSOCIATIONPMA mission is to create an environment where those involved in the metal forming industry can turn to for the best industry insight, networking events, and community for valuable connections.  PMA’s purpose is to join and connect leaders with other like-minded individuals or companies within the metal forming industry.  Overall, the entire industry benefits.

As president to Pentaflex, David is no stranger to being a leader, encouraging others, and pushing the limits to achieve success. The values of PMA is one in the same as David’s and he is happy to play a major role in this dedicated association.

If you would like more information on how to join PMA or have a company that may benefit, please visit the PMA website.

Overview of Trailers and Features

Truck trailers depend on the manufacturer and load requirements and state roadway regulations. It is always important to check state regulations and guidelines.

Standard Freight Trailer
The Standard Freight Trailers are commonly used for carrying in most freights. They are classified as either boxed, crated, or palletized. This is a dry van and some features may include Screwed in wood floors, ETrack, lift gates, vented trailers, plate trailer, roll up doors or swing doors.
Common lengths : 28′, 32′, 36′, 4-‘, 42′, 43′, 45′, 48′, 53′
Common Widths: 96”-102”
Common Heights: 12.5′-13.5′
Weight: 48.000 Lbs

Reefer Truck Trailer
Reefer Truck Trailer are used when good need to be refrigerated. A fuel tank and refrigeration unit are directly outside of the trailer. These units are usually found at the front of the trailer. Usually Reefer trailers include eTrack, produce chutes, downloadable T.R.U., roll up doors or swing doors.
Common Lengths: 28′,32′,36′,40′,48′,53′
Common Widths: 96”-102”
Common Heights: 12.5-13.5′

Flat Bed Trailer
Flat Bed Trailers are designed to hold oversized cargo. These oversized materials are loaded either through the top or side of the trailer.
Common Lengths: 26′,40′,42′,45′,48′
Gooseneck Trailer or Dropdeck Flatbed
Specially oversized cargo are used on the gooseneck trailer. It has a two level tandem to accommodate heavy, oversized materials.
Common Lengths: 40′,42′,45′,48′

Lowboy Trailer
A typical lowboy trailer Is extremely low compared to other trailers, has a two drops in deck height, one before the tires, and one after the gooseneck and they are much longer in deck length. They usually haul heavy equipment like bulldozers or other industrial machinery. Their neck is arched so when lowered it becomes a ramp allowing equipment to be pulled on and off.
Common Lengths: 10-29”
Common Width: 8”
Common Height: 9-12”

Although, there are numerous types of trailers with different features for hauling all kinds of materials one thing is for certain they all have Pentaflex components within them to make them safe and successful. Commonly Pentaflex manufactures brake, axle, and other gage metal parts necessary. If you need a part for your trailer, don’t hesitate to speak with us on our expertise in manufacturing quality parts for the heavy trucking industry.

Expanding the Pentaflex Team – and the American Workforce

At Pentaflex, we pride ourselves on our dedicated team to which we know are the backbone to making us a great success. Recently, we took on two bright, eager, driven summer interns, and we’re happy to welcome them. Carissa Myers and Joseph Lacey are excellent examples of how we bring in young people from our community who want to learn and grow and make a difference in the American workforce.

Carissa is a senior at Southeastern High School, and Joseph just graduated from Kenton Ridge High School this past May. They both came to us through our partnership with the Greater Springfield Career ConnectED program, which organizes summer internship opportunities for high school students in Clark County who are looking for hands-on experiences with local businesses.

Students who wish to participate in the program must submit an application prior to acceptance, and once accepted, they undergo several training programs, which help them develop their soft skills and safety awareness. Once the training is complete, they are then interviewed by businesses like ours.

We are proud to participate in this exceptional program, helping to develop the next generation of the manufacturing workforce, including participants like Carissa and Joseph. They will both be working for our engineer, Bob Mayberry, helping to analyze setup time reduction, 6s activities, design of experiment programs, and ppap data collection.

We’re very happy to welcome them to our family for the summer, and look forward to providing them with an educational opportunity that will surely make a difference for their future.

Celebrating the Extraordinary Women of the Pentaflex Community

A company is only as good as the people it employs; great products and service don’t exist without great people.

At Pentaflex, we know this well—and we’re more than a little proud of the 100+ team members who have made us who we are. We like to celebrate them all, individually and as a group.

Recently, we chose to celebrate the contributions extraordinary women make and have made to our company and our industry.

This is why we recently sponsored the Springfield Foundation’s Extraordinary Women’s luncheon. This event was organized by the Women’s Partnership Fund, an affiliate of the Springfield Foundation.


Chairwoman of the Partnership Fund, Cathy Crompton called it an “uplifting, powerful event.” Over 300 guests attended the luncheon to celebrate the hard work and commitment of women and their invaluable contribution to the community.

It was also a chance to focus on the importance of encouraging young women to pursue personal and professional success in any field that interests them, regardless of traditional gender roles, stereotypes, or norms. The message was certainly clear- young women should be encouraged to fulfill their dreams regardless of cultural stereotypes. After all, there are many opportunities out there in fields that are not “typically” filled with females—including manufacturing—and there’s no reason why more women can’t benefit from them.

In attendance from Pentaflex were David Arndt, our President, Julie McGregor, our owner, Ross McGregor, Executive Vice President, and Debbie Kidd, our accounting whiz, and Laura Ark, Customer Service representative. Each thrilled and delighted to celebrate the cause and message on which Pentaflex embraces.

Everyone who makes Pentaflex so successful is indeed extraordinary. The women who make us and our community so great are certainly no exception, and it was an honor to celebrate them.

3 Ways We Continue to Grow and Improve

How do you stay ahead of the competition in manufacturing, moving successfully forward without missing a beat? We believe it’s through continuous improvement—in fact, it’s built right into our mission. We always aim to exceed requirements and expectations by improving constantly and adding new methods of success all the time.

We’ve recently done just that, and we have several new additions that are keeping us on our toes.

First, we’re proud and excited to welcome Laura Ark to our team, as our new Customer Service Representative. Laura is a Springfield native and a graduate of Akron University, and she comes to us with ten years of customer service experience.

As the main point of contact for our customers, Laura’s primary responsibility is to remind us daily why we are here: to deliver the highest quality products on time. So far, she’s doing an excellent job of it. When not keeping us in line, Laura enjoys spending time with her daughter, playing tennis, and the occasional road trip. We’re thrilled to have her on board.

Our next addition might not have the personality of Laura, but is exciting nonetheless. We’ve installed a new Aida 694-ton servo press, and in the short time since we began using it we have already experienced increased productivity. We look forward to fully utilizing all of the technological advances that a servo press offers. We’re confident our clients will immediately see the benefits.

Last but certainly not least, we are very excited to announce our plans for expansion, which over the next three years will yield an additional 20,000 square feet and 40 new jobs.

According to our President and CEO, David Arndt, “The $4 million expansion in Clark County will facilitate our continued growth with a 20,000 square foot expansion and the addition of a large bed, 1600 ton mechanical press line. The addition will accommodate further assembly operations, inventory storage and anticipated future stamping requirements.”

Along with the addition of our new Aida servo press lines and new team members such as Laura, this expansion serves as the perfect representation of our commitment to continuous improvement.

Our facilities, our team, our products and services, and our community will all benefit from these improvements, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Honored and Proud to Receive a Meritor Supplier Partner Award

At Pentaflex, we like to say that our parts and products drive the industry. Our mission is to be more than a supplier of quality services and components but to also to exceed expectations, maintain long-lasting relationships, and be a true partner in our customers’ success.

Of course, we don’t do this for the recognition—but when we are recognized for achieving these goals, we’re always proud and grateful.

Therefore, we’re excited to announce that we were recently recognized by Meritor, Inc. in their first ever Supplier Partner Awards, which took place at their headquarters on February 25, 2015.

As one of the companies who received this prestigious award, we’re so happy to see that our goal of being a partner in success was achieved. The award was presented to recognize excellence in quality, innovation, delivery, and cost savings, and was based on the relationship we’ve forged with Meritor.

Our “commitment to excellence,” according to Meritor’s VP and Chief Procurement Officer, Rob Speed, “contributes to [their] specific goal of meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers and further strengthens Meritor’s business.”

And coming from a company as successful and impressive as Meritor, that means a lot. After all, they are a leading global supplier in the commercial and industrial vehicle markets, with a 100+-year history of excellence, and are recognized throughout the world for their superiority.

To be recognized by Meritor for our quality and our role in their success is extremely meaningful to us, and we’re thrilled to be a part of such an elite group. We’d like to thank Meritor for this award, and we will continue to strive for excellence and perfection, bringing Meritor and all of our clients the quality and innovation they require.