Pentaflex President David Arndt Elected 2017 Chairman of PMA

Pentaflex is proud to announce that our President and CEO, David Arndt, was recently elected Chairman of the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA). The election was held on March 11 at PMA’s annual meeting in Dana Point, California. Big accomplishments like this don’t happen every day, and we are proud of this distinction.

What is the PMA?

The PMA is the metalforming industry’s primary association. The Precision Metalforming Association is highly regarded for its innovative tactics and has a history that is long and distinguished, dating back to 1913 in Cleveland.

The PMA comprises almost 900 member companies. The large association encourages excellence in competitiveness and cost-effectiveness amongst its innovative members via tools that include networking, statistics, advocacy, trade shows, and seminars.

What Does This News Mean?

Chairman of Precision Metalforming Association

President David Arndt Elected Chairman of PMA

At Ohio-based Pentaflex, we cheer one another on as metalformers. Thus, the official announcement of our President as the new chair of an association that our company so proudly belongs to is very exciting. David will lead the national association for the 2017-2018 term year.

As Chairman, David will have the opportunity to apply the strong skillset he uses to drive Pentaflex forward, now with an even larger influence as he presides over the Precision Metalforming Association. Being trusted in such an important role is impressive, and we commend our President for his fantastic achievement.

Continuing to Provide Quality

At Pentaflex, we will continue to deliver top-quality metal stamping services to customers, during David’s term as chair and beyond. For over 40 years we have been a provider of precise metal components for a range of metal stamping industries, such as agriculture, medical, energy, and automotive.

With an established reputation for providing value-laden products and the recent appointment of our President to the esteemed PMA, Pentaflex stands strong in 2017.