Understanding How Important We Are in the Trucking Industry

It may sound boastful to say that we make the trucking industry safer but it isn’t. All equipment is only as safe as its parts. As we are a major supplier of parts that go into commercial trucks we can confidently say that we are helping to keep the trucking industry, all who travel the roads, a little bit safer.

The realization that what we do has an impact on people inside and outside of an industry is something that is often overlooked. At Pentaflex we stress this fact to everyone in the company—that it is important for each of us to remember that the parts we supply are vital components in a larger piece of equipment. For example, the axle and brake components we make for the trucking industry must be of the highest quality so that the brakes will function properly.

Our capabilities for stamping metal makes a difference. We ensure that each part meets the highest quality standards of the industry and more importantly the high standards we set for ourselves. We ensure that our quality is top-notch so that safety and peace of mind are built into each component we make.



So, in addition to manufacturing quality parts we also add in a level of safety that might be missing in components made by other companies. With each employee understanding the role that our parts play in the industries we serve, you can be sure that all parts are made to the highest standards—ours.