Mission Statement

OUR MISSION IS to meet or exceed the requirements of our customers, employees, investors, suppliers, and community through continuous improvement.

We will endeavor to:

Provide our customers with the maximum value by controlling our processes, flexible scheduling to deliver products based on customer needs, utilizing value analysis and providing qualified service and engineering support.

Provide our employees with an excellent work environment by maintaining a clean and safe workplace, offering competitive compensation, recognizing superior performance, educating the workforce and fostering pride and dignity through employee involvement and teamwork.

Provide our investors with a good return while protecting their interests through cost controls, improved productivity, market diversification and long-range planning.

Award business to suppliers who offer the best value by meeting our requirements for quality, service, delivery, and engineering support at a competitive price.

Practice good citizenship within our community by protecting the environment, participating in charitable and civic endeavors, providing employment opportunities and partnering with education to develop the workforce of tomorrow.

In all matters, we will act only with the highest ethical standards and conduct.