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Recap Of FABTECH 2014

Pentaflex management team attended the 2014 FABTECH conference and exposition in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference was attended by 30,000 attendees involved with metalforming, welding, assembly, and coating operations. There were 1500 exhibitors displaying equipment and services at Georgia World Congress Center in the 550,000 square feet of space. The FabTech show was used to introduce […]

Manufacturing Day 2014 Recap: Another Home Run!

Manufacturing Day, recently celebrated on October 3, was a truly successful day for American manufacturers throughout the country. In its third year, it saw over 100,000 attendees and was even cited by the White House as the “method for securing a talent pipeline in manufacturing.”* The overall goal of the day was to get manufacturers […]

Why is Deep Drawing So Popular?

When you think about metal forming, it is not a surprise when deep drawing is the first thing that comes to mind. As the most popular of the metal forming methods, deep drawing is a great way to form metal sheets into just about any shape. So why is it so widely used? Why is […]

Sales of the Servo-Driven Press are on the Upswing – Have You Kept Up?

Mechanical presses still dominate the manufacturing industry and stamping press market, but according to a capital equipment survey from the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association Intl., the servo-driven press is coming on strong. Spending projections on servo presses for 2013 were nearly triple of the previous year. Instead of a flywheel, main motor, and clutch, a […]

The Importance—and Success—Of Industry Trade Shows

To be successful in manufacturing, there’s more to it that producing quality products. Of course that’s critical, but in order to achieve this, even more has to be done. Constant learning, growing, and evolving are necessary. One of the best ways to achieve this is through regularly attending industry trade shows. This is where you […]

What is the Best Fuel for Natural Gas-Powered Cars?

Fuel-intensive fleets that travel many miles each day have been using natural gas for years. This would include fleets of taxicabs, transit and school buses, airport shuttles, construction vehicles, garbage trucks, delivery trucks and public works vehicles. Fleets are especially suited to natural gas because a larger volume of vehicles makes it more economical to […]

Technology Meets Efficiency: The Country’s First Automated Transmission with Spark-Ignited Natural Gas Engine

The landscape of American manufacturing is rapidly changing—in a good way. It seems almost every day there’s a new advancement in technology and a novel use for manufacturers’ innovation. We are all collectively creating an industry that is as competitive as it is impressive. Two great areas of technology and innovation—and of major industrial advancement—are […]

The New Fuel Efficiency Standards: How They Relate to Us and Our Clients

If you’re familiar with us, you may be familiar with our mission: to meet or exceed the requirements of our employees, customers, investors, suppliers, and community through continuous improvement. Meeting and exceeding these needs always means staying on top of the latest news and changes affecting our clients and their industries, and reacting accordingly. You […]

Taking a Look Ahead

The New Year is always a good time to look back and reflect. Many look back at the past year and compare how far they have come, the goals they were able to accomplish and create new ones for the upcoming months. At Pentaflex we are no different. We have achieved many of our aggressive […]