Pentaflex President David Arndt Elected 2017 Chairman of PMA

Pentaflex is proud to announce that our President and CEO, David Arndt, was recently elected Chairman of the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA). The election was held on March 11 at PMA’s annual meeting in Dana Point, California. Big accomplishments like this don’t happen every day, and we are proud of this distinction.

What is the PMA?

The PMA is the metalforming industry’s primary association. The Precision Metalforming Association is highly regarded for its innovative tactics and has a history that is long and distinguished, dating back to 1913 in Cleveland.

The PMA comprises almost 900 member companies. The large association encourages excellence in competitiveness and cost-effectiveness amongst its innovative members via tools that include networking, statistics, advocacy, trade shows, and seminars.

What Does This News Mean?

Chairman of Precision Metalforming Association

President David Arndt Elected Chairman of PMA

At Ohio-based Pentaflex, we cheer one another on as metalformers. Thus, the official announcement of our President as the new chair of an association that our company so proudly belongs to is very exciting. David will lead the national association for the 2017-2018 term year.

As Chairman, David will have the opportunity to apply the strong skillset he uses to drive Pentaflex forward, now with an even larger influence as he presides over the Precision Metalforming Association. Being trusted in such an important role is impressive, and we commend our President for his fantastic achievement.

Continuing to Provide Quality

At Pentaflex, we will continue to deliver top-quality metal stamping services to customers, during David’s term as chair and beyond. For over 40 years we have been a provider of precise metal components for a range of metal stamping industries, such as agriculture, medical, energy, and automotive.

With an established reputation for providing value-laden products and the recent appointment of our President to the esteemed PMA, Pentaflex stands strong in 2017.

Celebrating the Extraordinary Women of the Pentaflex Community

A company is only as good as the people it employs; great products and service don’t exist without great people.

At Pentaflex, we know this well—and we’re more than a little proud of the 100+ team members who have made us who we are. We like to celebrate them all, individually and as a group.

Recently, we chose to celebrate the contributions extraordinary women make and have made to our company and our industry.

This is why we recently sponsored the Springfield Foundation’s Extraordinary Women’s luncheon. This event was organized by the Women’s Partnership Fund, an affiliate of the Springfield Foundation.


Chairwoman of the Partnership Fund, Cathy Crompton called it an “uplifting, powerful event.” Over 300 guests attended the luncheon to celebrate the hard work and commitment of women and their invaluable contribution to the community.

It was also a chance to focus on the importance of encouraging young women to pursue personal and professional success in any field that interests them, regardless of traditional gender roles, stereotypes, or norms. The message was certainly clear- young women should be encouraged to fulfill their dreams regardless of cultural stereotypes. After all, there are many opportunities out there in fields that are not “typically” filled with females—including manufacturing—and there’s no reason why more women can’t benefit from them.

In attendance from Pentaflex were David Arndt, our President, Julie McGregor, our owner, Ross McGregor, Executive Vice President, and Debbie Kidd, our accounting whiz, and Laura Ark, Customer Service representative. Each thrilled and delighted to celebrate the cause and message on which Pentaflex embraces.

Everyone who makes Pentaflex so successful is indeed extraordinary. The women who make us and our community so great are certainly no exception, and it was an honor to celebrate them.

Taking a Look Ahead

The New Year is always a good time to look back and reflect. Many look back at the past year and compare how far they have come, the goals they were able to accomplish and create new ones for the upcoming months. At Pentaflex we are no different. We have achieved many of our aggressive goals in 2013 and we have set equally challenging goals for 2014.

Last year we set out to improve in a number of areas including, safety, quality, delivery 2014_and_fireworksand productivity. Our primary metrics for safety allowed us no lost time injuries. Our quality reached 30PPM across all customers, we delivered less than $10,000 expedited freight, not to mention had a 3% productivity improvement, and financial goals for EBIT and positive cash flow were achieved. That was just the start of our great year.  Our performance matched Pentaflex to the world class standards presented by Precision Metalforming Association in many areas.  In addition, all new programs were launched on time.  Capital expenditures in excess of a million dollars were made to upgrade welder and press systems.  Finally, we received not one, but two 2013 Manufacturing Excellence awards from the Precision Metalforming Association, a rare feat.

For 2014, we have established equally aggressive new goals for safety, quality, delivery, productivity, and financial performance.  Our Board has shown confidence and dedication to the business by authorizing the purchase of (2) new AIDA servo presses—-a 300T and a 630T with servo coil feed systems.  The 300T press will replace an existing press.  The 630T press will provide Pentaflex with new capabilities including the capability to run parts at .030” thickness and a larger bed size than we currently have with our 500T mechanical presses.  The 630T press is specified to open up opportunities with the automotive industry in addition to our heavy truck, agricultural, and industrial business where our core competency has been with deep draw, heavy gage parts.

We look forward to this next year and hope for continued success!

Sharing Our Experience from the FabTech Show

Each year Pentaflex sends our management team to attend various trade shows and conferences. This year we had the opportunity to attend the 2013 FabTech conference and exposition in Chicago, Illinois.

Around 40,000 attendees involved with metalforming, welding, assembly, and coating operations were in attendance. The event was held at the McCormick place. The 600,000 square foot facility allowed 1500 exhibitors to display their equipment and  services.

The FabTech show was also used to introduce the winners of the Precision Metalforming IMG_20131117_180213_101 (2)2013 Manufacturing Excellence awards.  Pentaflex was selected as the award winner for two of the awards in the categories of productivity and quality systems.  Press releases, articles in the Metalforming Magazine, and recognition in the PMA booth at the Fabtech show discussed the Pentaflex awards.

Conferences like this one are a great way to learn about the newest trends throughout the industry. As you all know American manufacturing has been a hot topic in the recent year. IMG_20131118_105055_450The lead article from the FabTech show daily newspaper highlighted that manufacturing in the US is here to stay.  The article went on to explain manufacturing needs that will support continued growth in the US.  They included: 1) giving businesses certainty—businesses can’t plan without certainty on taxes, regulations, health care, etc. 2) remember small businesses in tax reform—–most small businesses are S corp and need to be thought of the same as C corp businesses, 3) Don’t sacrifice innovation and capital investment in the name of tax reform—many tax credits hanging in balance for continuation into 2014, 4) training for young workers the skills needed for manufacturing careers—manufacturing jobs are good, high paying jobs requiring sophisticated math and mechanical skills.

The keynote speaker for the FabTech conference was “Pro-Business” economist Alan Beaulieu.  He highlighted that even though most of the country thinks we are in a recession we are actually in a sustained period of growth—-albeit small.  His advice to businesses is to prepare for good years in 2015-2017 by spending money on capital investments in 2014 before rising interest rates and additional regulations from Dodd-Frank increase costs.  He also stated that there would be a slight downturn in the second half of 2014 and that time can be used to install new equipment, train workforces, and ready companies for the three years of increased growth that he sees from 2015 to 2017.  Pentaflex is following that strategy and has recently purchased two new servo presses to be installed in 2014 which will provide added capacity and process forming capabilities going forward. We couldn’t be more excited about the years ahead.

Great Employees=Great Business

In any business, in any industry, you’re only as good as the people you employ. Likewise, a company filled with happy, productive employees for whom growth and success are assured is more likely to grow and succeed.

In an Forbes  article on the importance of retaining employees, the author states that “the value derived from new talent is only realized if the talent can be retained long enough to tap its treasures.” She goes on to state that companies that focus more on acquiring new talent than on keeping their existing employees fulfilled share the same problems: “high turnover, low commitment, and job-hopping”, which is ultimately a problem.

At Pentaflex, we recognize the importance of our team members, as well as the many reasons why we want them to stick around. We also realize how important employee morale is for the entirety of our business, and for our customers. We focus on keeping an environment of happy employees who care about what they do, and we believe our clients directly see the results of this.

We have several dedicated employees who have recently been promoted, as a result of their hard work and dedication.

Kirk Smith has been promoted from his position as Quality Director to Director of Manufacturing.  In his new role, Kirk will be responsible for all production activities, from receiving and shipping material through scheduling and product manufacturing.  Kirk will be instrumental in driving our metrics for continuous improvement and problem solving using the 6 Sigma and Lean disciplines.

Phil Dafforn has been promoted from Purchasing Manager to Materials Manager, adding responsibility for production parts planning as well as purchasing.

In other moves, Kiley Hatfield has moved into customer service, while Eric Hubbard has moved to shipping and receiving.

We’d like to personally thank them—and all members of the Pentaflex team—for their dedication, and congratulate them on their new roles.

And the Awards Go To…

At Pentaflex, the most rewarding recognition for us is when our customers are consistently happy with the work we do for them. However, when an organization as prestigious in our industry as the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) officially recognizes our work, and rewards us for it, we are beyond proud and honored. Therefore, we’re thrilled to announce our receipt of two of the eight coveted 2013 Manufacturing Excellence awards by PMA.AwardsExc-web

The first of the two awards is the Zierick Manufacturing Corporation Productivity Award, for our production of a stamped outer inlet chamber for Class 8 heavy truck exhaust systems. Using a stamping cell concept, this reduced cycle time by 50% and reduced the number of production employees from six to two. The award itself “recognizes outstanding achievement by a metalforming company in the development and implementation of programs, processes and utilization of assets that lead to significant improvements in productivity. Productivity is defined, for the purposes of this award, as the quantity of good products produced per unit of manpower, equipment, time and/or material. Quality and reduction of downtime are considered important factors in achieving improved productivity.”

The second award is the Waukesha Metal Products Excellence in Quality award, for our performance of the Quality System, which reduced PPMs from 250 in 2011, to 7PPM in 2013. This award “recognizes a metalforming company for outstanding achievement in the development and implementation of a company-wide quality system that effectively uses continuous improvement..” Elements include “executive management commitment, periodic management quality system review, use of statistical data, use of preventive action, a dedication to employee training and education, supplier partnerships in an effort to reduce nonconformance and evidence of second- or third-party assessments.”

As PMA is the premier association representing the $113 billion metalforming industry, we are thrilled to accept these great honors, and look forward to continuing to bring the highest level of quality to all of our clients.