Quality Assurance

Culture of Quality

009Quality at Pentaflex is not confined to the quality laboratory. The emphasis on quality at Pentaflex is only second to the emphasis on safety. At Pentaflex there is a culture of quality throughout the organization. This is achieved by adhering to the policies and procedures that are proscribed by our IATF 16949 certification and a genuine desire to provide the customer with product that meets their specification. All Pentaflex production associates are trained in and conduct shop floor quality audits on the job they are running.

At Pentaflex quality starts long before the first part is shipped to the customer. We have a dedicated staff that is tasked with advanced process quality planning and production part approval process requirements for all new programs. Quality staff resources are also assigned to conduct internal audits to monitor our adherence to IATF 16949 standards.

Got A Problem?

We do too from time to time. When issues arise relating to quality or process, Pentaflex uses trained in-house Black Belts to lead cross functional teams in formal problem solving activities to resolve quality issues and improve process.