Tooling Services

Pentaflex has a fully staffed and equipped tooling department to support the needs of the production operations. Qualified tool and die makers are available on all three shifts to respond to tooling maintenance issues and to prepare tools for upcoming production runs. All of our tooling undergoes regular preventative maintenance inspections and our customers are updated on the condition of their tools. The tool room at Pentaflex is fully capable of producing necessary details and components to keep tooling in top notch condition and to quickly respond to emergency repairs as needed.

New tool builds and fixtures are performed by outside tool houses that are thoroughly knowledgeable about Pentaflex’s press capacity, quick die change program and standardized tooling requirements. In conjunction with Pentaflex tool designers, our external tooling partners will produce and try out all new tool builds to our customer’s standards.

The tool and die department at Pentaflex is fully versed in single hit, progressive and transfer tooling. Our toolmakers are part artist and part scientist who have spent their careers understanding how to transform heavy metal into deep drawn, formed and pierced  complex stampings.